Hi, I'm Dusty Williams!

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, but you also might call me a resiliency coach, a stress reduction guide...an empathetic safe place to be truly seen and heard.


What I do

Along with counseling people with all types of emotional health goals, I specialize in helping women and couples who are struggling to create the family of their dreams. 

Using clinical proven methods, I support, train and guide those at all stages and paths of infertility and miscarriage so they can feel as strong as possible in their minds, bodies, identity and relationships as they persevere toward their goal.


Why i Do it

Because I know there is better way of facing this crisis, and you deserve to feel as strong as possible. 

From many years of specialized experience and advanced training in infertility counseling, as well as my own personal journey through fertility struggles and life threatening cancer, I know that it indeed possible to not only survive the pain of such traumatic events, but to actually thrive in the midst of them!


What I believe

It is impossible to fully eliminate the burden you are carrying, but I believe you can learn to live a little lighter, feel understood and more in control, increase your chances of pregnancy by maximizing the power of the mind-body connection, and become equip with the necessary skills to conquer another day with more hope and resilience...no matter the outcome. Whether you are:   

  • finding frustration attempting at home
  • in the all-consuming craziness of fertility treatments
  • an anxious mess during the much awaited pregnancy
  • in the throws of grief after a miscarriage
  • onto the vulnerable alternative paths of third-party reproduction
  • struggling with parenting after infertility
  • experiencing secondary infertility
  • needing to find resolution with living a child-free life...

I would love to partner with you and give you the support you deserve!

A Little History...

  • Received a Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology from The University of North Florida.
  • Studied under Harvard Medical School health psychologist, Alice Domar, Ph.D. to receive advanced clinical training in mind/body behavioral medicine for infertility.
  • Became the first and only professional in North Florida and South Georgia certified to provide the internationally recognized, Mind-Body Program for Infertility that is clinically proven to reduce distress and increase pregnancy rates.
  • Founded the Infertility Counseling Center of Jacksonville in 2007 after seeing that my local community had no one dedicated to providing specialized solutions to the debilitating physical & emotional effects of stress, anxiety and depression that can often accompany the diagnosis and treatment of infertility.
  • Active member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine since 2007
  • Qualified Supervisor for Mental Health Counseling Registered Interns