couples counseling for INFERTILITY 

You and your partner are are fighting more than ever. You don't feel that the other empathizes with or understands your feelings and needs. 

You have mismatched ways of coping and communicating that cause conflict. Feel that all you ever talk about now is fertility. 

You sexual intimacy feels strained, tainted by failure, or filled with pressure that takes all the fun out of might even be non-existent.

You have different levels of comfort and willingness to explore certain family building might simply be done trying and the other is not, leaving you at an impasse.  

Sound Familiar? 

If so, couples counseling sessions would be a great place to land.

Here you will have a safe, confidential space with a non-bias party to help you to use this crisis as an opportunity to strengthen, not weaken, your relationship.

Counseling can help you become a strong team by leaning how to:

  • Optimize partner support by learning how to meet one another’s needs
  • Refocus on nurturing the relationship and not just fertility goals
  • Learn healthy, effective ways to communicate feelings and resolve conflict
  • Resolve problems affecting the sexual relationship  
  • Develop tools needed for treatment decision-making process