PCOS counseling

You are trying to get pregnant but can't even track your ovulation because of how irregular your periods are.

On one hand you feel like a teenage boy with the acne and facial hair, and on the other you feel like a middle age man who is balding...super frustrating! 

And we can't forget the ever present battle with weight loss. It seems like nothing you do gets the weight off.

The only diet that works is no-carb...but yikes, NO CARBS!! It seems impossible to adhere to a no-carb diet, especially when your emotions are high and all you want to do is self-sooth with comforting sweets and bread.   

All this results in struggling with low self-worth, intense shame, and an unhealthy body image.  

Can you relate?

If so, counseling that focuses on PCOS can be a benefit.

Here you will find a non-judgmental, supportive atmosphere with someone has walked the road of PCOS and can help you:

  • Overcome the psychological barriers to weight loss 
  • Eliminate disordered eating using effective, transformational techniques that get down to root cause
  • Develop healthy ways to cope with negative emotions and stress
  • Improve body image and self-esteem
  • Reduce shame by learning the art of self-acceptance 
  • Receive accountability in reaching your goals
  • Get nutritional guidance and support